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Posted: 2/27/2019
Teamwork and Cross Training
By Daniel Drummond

ANS president Vicki Burrell has always preached the importance of cross training and team work amongst our ANS family.

These work principles have allowed ANS to remain a top nationwide installation and service company for over 27 years now.  Our highly experienced and knowledgeable project managers are equipped to handle all territories, installers, and scopes of work. When someone is away on vacation or sick, there is always another team member ready and able to fill that spot. We make sure that your project management never skips a beat and is constantly effectively monitored. 

Our team is excellent at communication and putting a stop to problems immediately when they arise on the nationwide level. We frequently have war room meetings and a fire fighter like response when issues arise. We are professional problem solvers who work tirelessly for you!


Posted: 2/22/2019
Technical Support, Inventory, and Logistics
By Daniel Drummond

There are several key ingredients that make ANS an incredibly reliable Nationwide Installation and Service Company.  We will be highlighting the following today- Technical Support, Inventory Control, and Logistics Management.

Technical Support- Our team of highly knowledgeable technical support agents are crucial when dealing with adversity on site. These guys are solution oriented, patient, and excellent advisors to our technicians. Our technical support team takes the time to learn all our customer?s scopes of work from A to Z.  This leads to less time on site and higher customer satisfaction! 

Inventory Control- With countless parts being shipped, installed, and serviced throughout the nation, a top-notch inventory control team is crucial. ANS manages the inventory close outs of hundreds of jobs a day nationwide. Our inventory team and integrated systems are designed to catch every part that is installed, deinstalled, or reinstalled on every site.

Logistics Management- One of our major strengths is the ability to get jobs done quickly with very little notice. We are widely known for getting the jobs done when it counts. If a hot site comes to us, you can rest assured we will be able to overnight the equipment and get the job done when it matters most.

Our Technical Support, Inventory, and Logistics specialists Steven Healy, Brian Oglesby, and Curry Prejeant are below! 


Posted: 2/18/2019
ANS Covers Your Nationwide Needs
By Daniel Drummond

ANS provides enormous value for our customers with the ability to handle project installation and service on the nationwide level. 

No matter how small or large the project is, we have the knowledge, resources, and leadership to execute your installation plan by your due date. Our project and logistic coordinators will work with you to make sure all equipment and inventory is delivered and accounted for correctly.  

normal'> normal'>Our multi skilled technicians have vast skill sets ranging from Digital Signage, Satellite, Structured Cabling, and Cell Service Boosters. They have mastered thousands of scopes of work. Our ability to adapt to new scopes of work and changing technology has kept us a major leader in the nationwide installation and service business. normal'> normal'>Our incredibly talented tech support and field training team has been the driving force behind the expansion of number of technician resources and their skill sets. Our team?s technical support is unrivaled amongst the industry when it comes to on site support and training. 


To get your project started, please submit into the information request or call ANS at 770 831 0090

Posted: 2/13/2019
ANS Technician Kenny Kim Recognized as Eastern Region Installer of the Year
By Daniel Drummond

One of our top performers amongst the entire nation is our very own Kenny Kim.

Like many of our technicians, Kenny excels in numerous scopes of work ranging from satellite, 4g, dsl, structured cabling, and digital signage installations. He displays a constant positive, solution oriented attitude when faced with adversity on site. This creative mindset is needed for all our installers with the vast majority of sites being "site unseen" before arriving. Kenny is a superstar at getting the job done in a timely, professional, and neat fashion.

Kenny is rewarded below as installer of the year for the Eastern Hughes District.

Congratulations Kenny!


Posted: 2/8/2019
ANS Recognized for Natural Disaster Relief
By Daniel Drummond

ANS has always emerged to the forefront when it comes to natural disaster relief. 

Hurricane Harvey and Irma left the people and their infrastructure totally devastated. ANS comes in to the equation with one mission- to supply the city with the highest quality technicians and equipment to get as many businesses back on line so they can help server their community.

ANS partners with Hughes Network Systems and FEMA to install or restore as many Jupiter Vsat systems on businesses that need their point of sale back on line. These systems can be installed in numerous locations, including the roof, side walls, and pole ground mounts.  Our tech support team works tirelessly to support our installers and trouble shoot any issues they may have while on site. 

There is no one more passionate than president Vicki Burrell when it comes to natural disaster relief. Vicki Burrell, Brian Oglesby, and Gabriel Baez are rewarded for their tremendours efforts below.


Posted: 2/4/2019
ANS Receives Multiple Awards at Hughes Conference
By Daniel Drummond

ANS was recently recognized with several awards at the latest Hughes conference!

Performance to Customer Due Date- This award is the single most important metric in all that we do. Meeting the customer due date is mission critical. ANS organizes the equipment, technicians, and coordinates the installation to make sure your job is completed by your due date.

SME ( Small Medium Enterprise) Days to Install- ANS is widely known for our satellite installations. This award was given to ANS for the fastest days to install from point of receiving the order amongst other distributors

Scheduled at Time of Order-  ANS manages a nationwide real time scheduling system for all SME ( Small Medium Enterprise) satellite installations. This award is for the excellent management of this system, leading to higher customer satisfaction when scheduling at the time of order placement.

Order Closure Award- ANS has an order closure team that ensures the correct parts are absorbed from inventory on each job. This award is given for timely and accurate close outs. This allows for our customers to be paid and billed faster.

Best Inventory Award-  ANS manages the incoming and outgoing of thousands of parts nationwide. This award is for excellent management of logistics and accurate inventory counts amongst thousands of installers and storage locations.

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