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Posted: 3/6/2019
ANS Offers Rare Value with Vsat Technicians
By Daniel Drummond

ANS Offers Rare Value with Our Vsat Technicians

VSAT systems (Very small aperture terminal) are used for satellite communications of data, voice, and video signals. Corporate communications provide direct reception of satellite transmissions broadcasts on a large scale.

  ANS has been a leader in the corporate communication business for over 27 years now originating from Scientific Atlanta. Our ability to service and install a wide variety of nationwide VSAT systems is simply unmatched in the industry.

 We have developed a vast network of nationwide installers that have installed and maintained systems for many major companies and government agencies.

As businesses remodel and grow, the need to relocate and update their Vsat systems is very common. Pictured here is an example of a full VSAT Deinstall and Reinstall for Clear Channel. 

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