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Posted: 3/1/2019
Qualities of our Technicians
By Daniel Drummond

ANS has been a top Nationwide Service and Installation company over the past 27 years by engraining certain qualities into our technicians.

  Our project coordinators always instill the concept of solution oriented attitudes and patience into our technicians. With the vast majority of sites being "site unseen", there are bound to be issues and complications that we will have to persevere through. 

Our technicians are certified and tested to ensure they are professional, knowledgeable, and capable of getting your installations done in a neat timely manner. We have a quality control team that revises a list of mandatory photos that are uploaded upon completion of every single job.

Time management is crucial when our technicians are working to complete several jobs per day. When issues arise, we have an escalation procedure set in place to make sure they get the help needed so the schedule can be maintained. Our technicians are managed carefully to make sure appointments are kept and jobs completed on time. 

To get your next project started, call 770 831 0090 or submit into the information request! 

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