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Posted: 2/8/2019
ANS Recognized for Natural Disaster Relief
By Daniel Drummond

ANS has always emerged to the forefront when it comes to natural disaster relief. 

Hurricane Harvey and Irma left the people and their infrastructure totally devastated. ANS comes in to the equation with one mission- to supply the city with the highest quality technicians and equipment to get as many businesses back on line so they can help server their community.

ANS partners with Hughes Network Systems and FEMA to install or restore as many Jupiter Vsat systems on businesses that need their point of sale back on line. These systems can be installed in numerous locations, including the roof, side walls, and pole ground mounts.  Our tech support team works tirelessly to support our installers and trouble shoot any issues they may have while on site. 

There is no one more passionate than president Vicki Burrell when it comes to natural disaster relief. Vicki Burrell, Brian Oglesby, and Gabriel Baez are rewarded for their tremendours efforts below.


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