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Posted: 2/4/2019
ANS Receives Multiple Awards at Hughes Conference
By Daniel Drummond

ANS was recently recognized with several awards at the latest Hughes conference!

Performance to Customer Due Date- This award is the single most important metric in all that we do. Meeting the customer due date is mission critical. ANS organizes the equipment, technicians, and coordinates the installation to make sure your job is completed by your due date.

SME ( Small Medium Enterprise) Days to Install- ANS is widely known for our satellite installations. This award was given to ANS for the fastest days to install from point of receiving the order amongst other distributors

Scheduled at Time of Order-  ANS manages a nationwide real time scheduling system for all SME ( Small Medium Enterprise) satellite installations. This award is for the excellent management of this system, leading to higher customer satisfaction when scheduling at the time of order placement.

Order Closure Award- ANS has an order closure team that ensures the correct parts are absorbed from inventory on each job. This award is given for timely and accurate close outs. This allows for our customers to be paid and billed faster.

Best Inventory Award-  ANS manages the incoming and outgoing of thousands of parts nationwide. This award is for excellent management of logistics and accurate inventory counts amongst thousands of installers and storage locations.

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