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Posted: 1/16/2019
ANS Rises Above with Key Operational Strategies
By Daniel Drummond

The key qualities that have made ANS an exceptional nationwide installation and service company include excellent responsiveness, high standards of work, and the precise cross training of employees.


The excellent responsiveness places emphasis of valuing the customers time when calling in. When the phone rings into ANS, every phone will ring at every desk to ensure that you are able to speak with someone immediately. The whole waiting in the que system for the next available representative is nonexistent at ANS. President Vicki Burrell has taken out all glass in the offices to maximize communication among the team.  The employees work as one to satisfy the customer's informational needs.


Our high standard of work is based on dependability and attention to detail. ANS prides itself on getting the job done quickly and correctly on the first visit. All jobs are photo documented and uploaded to an intricately designed portal. These photos are then checked by a quality control auditing team to ensure our high standards are met on every job.


One of the most valuable qualities of our employees is that they are all cross trained. All the project coordinators are equipped to cover all scopes of works and territories. If someone is out or on vacation, there is always a team member equally qualified and knowledgeable to fulfill their duties, so your project doesn't skip a beat. 

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