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Posted: 1/8/2019
The Founding of ANS
By Daniel Drummond

Over the past 25 years, Atlanta Network Systems has built up a complete portfolio of installation services utilizing a growing national network of installers. ANS has become one of the leading technology providers in the U.S. and has successfully installed over half a million systems. These services range from Digital Signage, Satellite, Structured Cabling, and Cell Service Booster systems.

The founding of Atlanta Network Systems can be described as a story of faith in a shared vision, taking risks, and overcoming challenges. The stars of the story include former Scientific Atlanta employees and installation experts Jim Drummond, Vicki Burrell, and Brenda Durham. After coming together into the same work division at Scientific Atlanta and realizing the nationwide installation potential that the three could generate together, Jim proposed an idea to Vicki and Brenda that would change their lives forever.

The idea to break away in search of more responsibility, potential for growth, and the pride of calling their nationwide installation business their own was launched. Although the potential risks were large, the three combined their strengths to produce the perfect formula of resources for success. Brenda’s exceptional accounting skill, Vicki’s experienced operational skills, and Jim’s leadership skills, created confidence among the group. A common level of trust and respect instilled throughout the team confirmed that they were ready to take this great leap and become one of the most elite nationwide installation companies around. Plans were created, resignation letters signed, and Atlanta Network Systems was born. 

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