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Posted: 3/20/2019
Surecall Mobile Cell Phone Signal Boosters
By Phil Meek
Driving to remote areas? Install a Surecall cell phone signal booster in your car, truck, or RV before you go! The reason why a Surecall 3G + 4G + LTE signal booster is an essential automotive accessory is because the cellular reception may be spotty at best in many areas on such long isolated stretches of freeways, highways, and rural roads. When comparing best rural or remote area car and RV cell phone signal boosters, the benefits of Surecall signal booster for car or truck or RV easily outweighs the cost.

The cost is minimal because Surecall is a one-time cost with no additional monthly fees than what you already pay your cell phone carrier. It helps ensure signal when you need it improving data speed and minimal dropped calls. In fact, Surecall helps you make the most of the fees you currently pay your cellular provider.

The problem of weak mobile reception is magnified when driving in any vehicle, not only in remote areas where mobile reception is bad due to distant cell towers, but also in cities where building and other construction can often block cellular phone signals. This can be extremely frustrating from both a business and a personal perspective.

Surecall also improves text messaging connectivity, provide clearer voice conversations, and faster 4G LTE wireless data transfers for all carriers in North America. Not only do they enable outgoing calls on smartphones, they greatly reduce missed and dropped calls during emergencies when in your vehicle. They provide uninterrupted service for many miles of travelling through remote areas by enabling improved connectivity and data speeds.

Surecall is especially handy to use with Bluetooth devices and for hands-free cellular phone systems because it simply boosts reception around your cellular device itself. Say goodbye to slow data speeds and dropped calls while on the road, and experience the consistent, clear coverage for multiple cellular devices that the Surecall amplifier kit provides.

Surecall does not interfere with other wireless technologies such as the Bluetooth or AM & FM radio handsfree kits that work using a certain FM or AM radio station. Surecall OTR (over-the-road) bi-directional amplifiers boost both cell signals received from, and cell signals sent back to the cell tower. They will always operate at maximum performance due to their auto-adjusting gain feature enabling the booster to optimizes gain automatically. Surecall can be mounted almost anywhere inside the vehicle due to its small footprint and does not need a docking station or cradle. Power is provided through a standard 12V DC vehicle power adapter.

Surecall Fusion To Go 2.0 booster kits ensure seamless connectivity in remote areas for multiple cellular users by providing the maximum power and gain that can be achieved with a vehicle signal booster. Missed and dropped calls are greatly reduced, and battery life for multiple devices extended by unrivalled performance with cutting-edge technology.

The sturdy metal construction of Surecall boosters are covered by manufacturer's guarantee. Put a stop to unreliable, weak cell phone signal with the Surecall Fusion 2 Go 2.0 series signal boosters. The signal from the cell tower is captured by the roof-mount antenna, and is then boosted and re-broadcast to all mobile devices inside the vehicle. Outgoing signal is amplified before being sent back to the cell tower.

Surecall booster kits contain everything required for installation. It includes a magnetic antenna for roof mounting, an interior patch antenna including velcro mounting tape, both a 12V DC power adapter and a 12V DC power splitter, and a magnetic phone mount.


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