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Posted: 2/13/2019
ANS Technician Kenny Kim Recognized as Eastern Region Installer of the Year
By Daniel Drummond

One of our top performers amongst the entire nation is our very own Kenny Kim.

Like many of our technicians, Kenny excels in numerous scopes of work ranging from satellite, 4g, dsl, structured cabling, and digital signage installations. He displays a constant positive, solution oriented attitude when faced with adversity on site. This creative mindset is needed for all our installers with the vast majority of sites being "site unseen" before arriving. Kenny is a superstar at getting the job done in a timely, professional, and neat fashion.

Kenny is rewarded below as installer of the year for the Eastern Hughes District.

Congratulations Kenny!


Posted: 2/8/2019
ANS Recognized for Natural Disaster Relief
By Daniel Drummond

ANS has always emerged to the forefront when it comes to natural disaster relief. 

Hurricane Harvey and Irma left the people and their infrastructure totally devastated. ANS comes in to the equation with one mission- to supply the city with the highest quality technicians and equipment to get as many businesses back on line so they can help server their community.

ANS partners with Hughes Network Systems and FEMA to install or restore as many Jupiter Vsat systems on businesses that need their point of sale back on line. These systems can be installed in numerous locations, including the roof, side walls, and pole ground mounts.  Our tech support team works tirelessly to support our installers and trouble shoot any issues they may have while on site. 

There is no one more passionate than president Vicki Burrell when it comes to natural disaster relief. Vicki Burrell, Brian Oglesby, and Gabriel Baez are rewarded for their tremendours efforts below.


Posted: 2/4/2019
ANS Receives Multiple Awards at Hughes Conference
By Daniel Drummond

ANS was recently recognized with several awards at the latest Hughes conference!

Performance to Customer Due Date- This award is the single most important metric in all that we do. Meeting the customer due date is mission critical. ANS organizes the equipment, technicians, and coordinates the installation to make sure your job is completed by your due date.

SME ( Small Medium Enterprise) Days to Install- ANS is widely known for our satellite installations. This award was given to ANS for the fastest days to install from point of receiving the order amongst other distributors

Scheduled at Time of Order-  ANS manages a nationwide real time scheduling system for all SME ( Small Medium Enterprise) satellite installations. This award is for the excellent management of this system, leading to higher customer satisfaction when scheduling at the time of order placement.

Order Closure Award- ANS has an order closure team that ensures the correct parts are absorbed from inventory on each job. This award is given for timely and accurate close outs. This allows for our customers to be paid and billed faster.

Best Inventory Award-  ANS manages the incoming and outgoing of thousands of parts nationwide. This award is for excellent management of logistics and accurate inventory counts amongst thousands of installers and storage locations.

Posted: 1/28/2019
Technician Spotlight- Reginald McCauley
By Daniel Drummond

      ANS prides itself on providing fully certified, proessional, and quality technicians on all of our sites. Our customers have the ability to leave feed back on our techncians performance, preparedness, and professionalism.  Our technician spotlight today is on our very own Reginald McCauley. Take a look at what customer Tara Carmichael out of Roxboro NC had to say about her recent Satellite Installation!


Tara- "Just wanted to say that the tech that installed our service/equipment for us, was VERY VERY pleasant, polite, knowledgable. He arrived first thing this morning (8am), & had WONDERFUL suggestions about where to put our satellite & how to run our cable!!

He had a GREAT PERSONALITY & was very easy to talk to, knew what he was doing--but made us feel included by asking for our preferences!! He was very sweet to our child & had the best sense of humor!! So, THANKS TO REGINALD MCCALLEY! (REGGIE)!!!" 

For more information on how to get your next project started, please call ANS at 770 831 0090 or use the Contact Tab at 

Posted: 1/23/2019
ANS Supports Friend and Local Author Jim Burton
By Daniel Drummond

 Atlanta Network Systems has continued to support our friend Jim Burton and his battle with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as "Lou Gehrig's Disease". ALS is a neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. We have been incredibly fortunate to watch Jim continue to thrive as a leader and author despite his condition. The Dahlonega Nugget recently highlighted the release of his new book. Here is what they had to say!

By: John Bynum

Jim Burton didn't plan to write his latest book without typing.

But he's the type to do whatever needs to be done to get the story out.

The former world-traveling photo journalist has spent a career working for major daily newspapers and magazines, as well as ministering to people as a lay-preacher and missionary.

He was diagnosed with ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease,6 years ago.

Burton said ALS affected his legs first, but after a few years began to make it difficult to type.

The Chelsey Park resident began trying out talk-to-text software for the computer he used to write his books even before the time he really needed to rely on it.

He said the "Dragon Dictate" software was cumbersome, but it allowed him to keep writing.

"As a writer I feel like I'm meticulous," Burton said.

He said that when writing a 60,000 word manuscript, mistakes can get lost.

"With experience you get better at using the software. It learns your voice and cadence and your vocabulary," he said.

Burton, who has published books about living life according to God's guidance, turned his attention to the subject of ALS in his 2014 book Life in the Blue Zone.

But more recently, he has turned his attention to fiction.

He recalled reading many John Grisham novels and thinking that he could write in the same genre.

His latest book is called Ransomed.

Burton said it is the story of a couple whose baby is kidnapped with plot twists that include real-world issues such as terrorism, but also Christianity.

He said readers will understand the cover photo much better after they read it.

Family, friends and fellow Chelsey Park residents gathered to celebrate the release in Dahlonega last week, where Burton proudly read from his book and answered many questions about it.

The book is the first in a series to be published.

Burton said that during his career, his camera has taken him around the world, including 18 countries and four territories.

He recalled a particularly harrowing trip he experienced as a photographer with a missionary team traveling to Iran on a C130 plane.

When the group landed in Sanandij, Burton said their plane was circled by military personnel with machine guns.

Ultimately they reached the refugee camp to bring aid to the Kurdish people.

Burton spent his career traveling to locales such as Japan, Hong King, Korea, Russia and the Middle East.

Later in his career he moved to Forsyth County where he spent more time as a minister to several area churches.

He said he is happy to say he doesn't have regrets in life, as he as been fortunate to travel widely and have many experiences.

The link to Jim's new book is below! Enjoy! 

Posted: 1/16/2019
ANS Rises Above with Key Operational Strategies
By Daniel Drummond

The key qualities that have made ANS an exceptional nationwide installation and service company include excellent responsiveness, high standards of work, and the precise cross training of employees.


The excellent responsiveness places emphasis of valuing the customers time when calling in. When the phone rings into ANS, every phone will ring at every desk to ensure that you are able to speak with someone immediately. The whole waiting in the que system for the next available representative is nonexistent at ANS. President Vicki Burrell has taken out all glass in the offices to maximize communication among the team.  The employees work as one to satisfy the customer's informational needs.


Our high standard of work is based on dependability and attention to detail. ANS prides itself on getting the job done quickly and correctly on the first visit. All jobs are photo documented and uploaded to an intricately designed portal. These photos are then checked by a quality control auditing team to ensure our high standards are met on every job.


One of the most valuable qualities of our employees is that they are all cross trained. All the project coordinators are equipped to cover all scopes of works and territories. If someone is out or on vacation, there is always a team member equally qualified and knowledgeable to fulfill their duties, so your project doesn't skip a beat. 

Posted: 1/8/2019
The Founding of ANS
By Daniel Drummond

Over the past 25 years, Atlanta Network Systems has built up a complete portfolio of installation services utilizing a growing national network of installers. ANS has become one of the leading technology providers in the U.S. and has successfully installed over half a million systems. These services range from Digital Signage, Satellite, Structured Cabling, and Cell Service Booster systems.

The founding of Atlanta Network Systems can be described as a story of faith in a shared vision, taking risks, and overcoming challenges. The stars of the story include former Scientific Atlanta employees and installation experts Jim Drummond, Vicki Burrell, and Brenda Durham. After coming together into the same work division at Scientific Atlanta and realizing the nationwide installation potential that the three could generate together, Jim proposed an idea to Vicki and Brenda that would change their lives forever.

The idea to break away in search of more responsibility, potential for growth, and the pride of calling their nationwide installation business their own was launched. Although the potential risks were large, the three combined their strengths to produce the perfect formula of resources for success. Brenda’s exceptional accounting skill, Vicki’s experienced operational skills, and Jim’s leadership skills, created confidence among the group. A common level of trust and respect instilled throughout the team confirmed that they were ready to take this great leap and become one of the most elite nationwide installation companies around. Plans were created, resignation letters signed, and Atlanta Network Systems was born. 

Posted: 1/1/2019
ANS Honors Jim Drummond with Continued Excellence
By Daniel Drummond

On December 10, 2012, the lives of the ANS team were changed forever.  The passing of Atlanta Network System’s founder, Jim Drummond, left a hole in all our hearts that could never be filled.

Over the past five years, I have been incredibly blessed to be able to watch ANS not only adapt but thrive as a nationwide service and installation company. It never ceases to amaze me how we have been able to constantly overcome challenges in the face of such tremendous adversity in an ever-changing technological industry. The fire fighter like response to solving problems has been unlike anything I’ve ever seen in any other organization.

The immediate emergence of Vicki Burrell as our leader has been pivotal to the continued success of ANS. With over 40 years of experience as a top management leader in the industry, ANS could not have fallen into better hands. Her passion, drive, and love for this company is simply unmatched. As the industry has changed, Vicki’s leadership has been the driving force in nearly tripling the size of our nationwide field force. The scopes of work that our highly skilled technicians can install and service has rapidly grown within Digital Signage, Satellite, Structured Cabling, and Cell Service Boosting.

Even though Jim is no longer here with us, his memory and life lessons taught will live on forever. The values of hard work, integrity, and respect were instilled into each ANS team member. These values hold strong today and will continue to hold for years to come.

We love you and miss you more than words can express Jim Drummond. We know you are incredibly proud and are smiling down on us bigger than ever today.


To get your next project started- Please Call 770 831 0090 or click CONTACT at

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